School Fees and Payment Information


  • Application Fee: € 175
  • One Time Capital Assessment Fee: € 3,750
  • Annual Registration Fee: € 1,500


Pre-Kindergarten 1 (age 3)

€ 14,900

Pre-Kindergarten 2 (age 4)

€ 15,850

Kindergarten-Grade 4 (ages 4/5 - 10)

€ 17,700

Grades 5-8 (ages 11-13/14)

€ 18,550

Grades 9-10 (ages 14/15-16)

€ 18,750

Grades 11-12 (ages 16-18)

€ 18,900 (+750 IB Exam Fee, Grade 12 only*)

*Please note that the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) charges additional fees for IB exams (Grade 12 students only). The fee for a full spectrum of IB exams is EUR750. Students completing an IB certificate will be charged on a per exam basis.


NAISR provides a unique door-to-door transportation service for students in Pre-Kindergarten (3 years of age) through Grade 12 to take one more chore off a parent's hands.

Students desiring transportation will be charged 100% of the fee in established areas, morning only is 50% of the fee in established areas, and afternoon only is 65% of the fee in established areas. Transportation fees are refundable; however due to the scheduling of the service with an outside agency and the efficient routing, the refunds do not translate to a per diem basis.

Zone 1 (0-5 km)

€ 2,900

Zone 2 (5-10km)

€ 3,570

Zone 3 (10-15km)

€ 4,260

Zone 4 (15-20km)

€ 4,890

Zone 5 (20-25km)

€ 5,670

Zone 6 (25-30km)

€ 6,410

Additional Fee and Payment Information: A request for transportation outside of the standard zones may be possible and will be charged according to distance and time. Please contact the Transportation Office for additional information at The Transportation Fee is payable annually and is charged according to the relevant zone as measured by a route planner.


School fees include tuition fees, enrollment fees and capital fees.

Application for Enrollment Fee

The one-off Application Fee of €175 is paid once the Application Form has been submitted and is non-refundable.

One Time Capital Assessment Fee
The Capital Assessment Fee of € 3,750 is paid once when a student is enrolled at the school for the first time and is non-refundable.

Annual Registration Fee
The Registration Fee of € 1,500 is payable annually regardless of when the student is enrolled during the school year and is non-refundable.


For students that enroll after the beginning of the school year the proportion of tuition and transportation fees payable are as follows :

During 1st quarter100% of annual fees
During 2nd quarter75% of annual fees
During 3rd quarter50% of annual fees
During 4th quarter25% of annual fees

The capital assessment and registration fees are due in full.


Registration fees for students will be billed and are payable by the 1st May of any given year. Capital Assessment, Tuition, Learning Support and Transportation fees are billed in the month of May and are payable within 2 weeks of the invoice dates. Fees for new students are due within 2 weeks of the invoice date.


Payments should be made to the school's account at the ABN Amro Bank, Bergse Dorpstraat 8, Rotterdam, using the information below :

Account NameNord Anglia International School Rotterdam
Account Number42.60.22.785
IBANNL07 ABNA 0426 0227 85
Address:Bergse Dorpsstraat 8,
3054 GD Rotterdam
The Netherlands

*It is very important to include both the invoice number and student name as a reference to ensure accurate allocation of fees.