NAISR welcomes applications from all nationalities. We accept students throughout the year and therefore have no application deadlines.  However, we encourage you to apply as early as possible in order to have the best chance of obtaining spaces for your children.

You can apply via our online application program OpenApply. Here you will be able to complete forms, upload documents and monitor the progress of your application via the OpenApply dashboard. All information is kept strictly confidential, and is not shared with 3rd parties.

To begin the admissions process please click on the "Application for Enrollment" button at the top of this page. You will need to complete the following online forms:
1. Application For Enrollment and Student Records Release form.
2. Upload documented proof of birth date (photocopy or scan of passport, ID card or birth certificate).
3. Your child's school records for the last three years (translated into English) and any standardized test scores. Official records from the previous school are preferred.

A visit to the school is a great opportunity to tour our facilities, ask questions and meet our faculty and staff. You can schedule a school visit by clicking on the "Schedule Tour" button at the top of this page.

Following receipt of correctly completed application form, all necessary documents and the application fee, your child's file will be sent to the Admissions Team for review and scheduling of interviews.

At the Elementary level, each prospective student meets with the Elementary Principal for a brief interview and testing where appropriate.
For Middle and High School students, an academic interview with the student is conducted by the Counselor and/or Secondary Principal. We prefer to meet the parents and potential students in person at our school, so that an interview may take place. In the case that a visit to our school is not possible, a Skype chat will be scheduled. Academic records will be reviewed, and a fifteen minute writing sample is part of the admissions interview. In some cases, we may determine that testing is necessary for acceptance/placement purposes. Depending on the prospective student's English level, an English language test may be administered by the EAL specialist. 
Where learning support is required additional interviews and documentation may be requested.
Once the testing and interview process is completed the Admissions Team makes a decision to admit or deny entrance to the student. No decision will be made if the academic records have not been received prior to the interview.  We try to complete this process as soon as possible to allow the student(s) to enter the school without further delay.

You can monitor the progress of your application via the OpenApply dashboard.

If your child is accepted for enrollment, you will receive further information including access to the parent and student information portal. Final enrollment will take place after the student is officially accepted by the Admissions Team and the appropriate fees are paid.  
Prior to starting school the following documentation is required. These forms will become available on the OpenApply portal once your child's status has changed to "Accepted":
A completed Health Form which should include your child's immunization record. If school transportation is required, a completed Transportation Application Form. Payment of required fees.

Good communication with our families is important to us. In order to receive our weekly school newsletter and stay up to date with everything going on at our School, you will need to sign up for it. Please sign up for our weekly newsletters here >>>


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